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JD Supra - May 16, 2018

President Trump’s Remarks on Lowering Drug Prices; Industry Reactions 

Pharmacy Practice News - May 15, 2018

Avalanche of Specialty Drugs Predicted

Healio - May 8, 2018 

Sacubitril/valsartan reduces hospitalizations, lowers medical costs  

American Journal of Managed Care – May 7, 2018

The Rise of Orphan Drugs for Rare Diseases 

Hemophilia News Today - May 4, 2018

Extended Half-Life Products Double Cost of Hemophilia Treatment, Prime Therapeutics Finds 

Angioedema News - May 3, 2018

Medications Make Up Nearly All of HAE Patients’ Total Yearly Care Costs, Study Finds 

Pharmacy Practice News - May 3, 2018

Abarca Exports Its PBM Tech Expertise

The Center for Biosimilars – May 1, 2018

AMCP Session Provides a Closer Look at State Legislation on Biosimilars 

The Center for Biosimilars – April 30, 2018

Research Highlights Evolving Approaches to Biosimilars in the United States

Specialty Pharmacy Continuum – April 27, 2018

Medicare Part D to Focus on Opioid Prescribing, Revised Star Measures

Specialty Pharmacy Times – April 27, 2018

Landscape Shifting for Treatment of Hemophilia

Specialty Pharmacy Continuum – April 26, 2018 

Breathing, Eating Affected by Antipsychotic-Related Tardive Dyskinesia

Specialty Pharmacy Times – April 26, 2018

Drug Costs Responsible for Nearly Entire Price Tag of Hereditary Angioedema Care

Specialty Pharmacy Continuum – April 26, 2018

Are Value-Based Contracts Slipping Under the Radar?

Specialty Pharmacy Times – April 26, 2018

Migraine Treatment Create New Challenges for Health Care Providers

Specialty Pharmacy Times – April 26, 2018

Pharma Trends Create Hurdles for Market Access Teams

American Journal of Managed Care – April 26, 2018

Navigating the Rocky Waters to Value-Based Healthcare 

American Journal of Managed Care - April 25, 2-18

Market Access Teams Face New Challenges in Pharma

American Journal of Managed Care – April 24, 2018

Who Decides What Value Looks Like in US Healthcare?

Specialty Pharmacy Times – April 24, 2018

Switch to Extended Half-Life Hemophilia Factor Products Found to Double Costs

CNBC – April 19, 2018

FDA commissioner to drug middlemen: You're part of the problem

Specialty Pharmacy Continuum – April 6, 2018

Hitting High Mark Through Case Management

Becker’s Hospital Review – April 2, 2018

How payers are thinking outside the box to boost medication outcomes

Managed Care Magazine – March 4, 2018

Real-World Evidence Not Quite Believable Enough 

The Hill – Jan. 30, 2018

New drugs, but slow access — how to speed breakthroughs to patients 

The Pink Sheet - Jan. 18, 2018

Off-Label Communications Bill Allowing Discussion Of Unapproved Drugs Advances 

Sun This Week – Jan. 10, 2018

Gleason elected to pharmacy board

The Daily Telescope - Jan. 3, 2018

The Role of Pharmacists in a Changing Health Care Environment 

Chain Drug Review - January 2018

Pharmacy Outlook 2018 - Susan Cantrell, CEO, Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy  


Drug Benefit News - Dec. 22, 2017

OIG ‘Blesses Obvious Conflicts Of Interest’ With New MTM Pilot 

Pink Sheet - Dec. 21, 2017

Pharma-Funded Pilot To Improve Adherence, Lower Readmissions Gets OIG Nod 

Regulatory Focus News - Nov. 27, 2017

Stakeholders Weigh FDA Proposal to Limit Risk Info in DTC Advertisements 

Specialty Pharmacy Continuum - Nov. 17, 2017

AMCP Advances Case for Value-Based Contracts 

Drug Benefit News - Nov. 10, 2017

Value-Based Pharma Contracts Need More Experimentation 

Pharmacy Practice News - Nov. 3, 2017

AMCP Releases Value-Based Contracting Proceedings 

Biotechnology News - Oct. 20, 2017

AMCP Nexus 2017 Draws Nearly 2,500 Managed Care Pharmacy Professionals for Conference Themed 'Changing the Way We Pay for Health Care' 

Managed Healthcare Executive - Oct. 20, 2017

Payers struggle to keep up with high rate of FDA drug approvals 

American Journal of Managed Care - Oct. 20, 2017

Turning Patients Into Research Partners With Patient-Generated Data 

American Journal of Managed Care - Oct. 19, 2017

Outlooks and Lessons Learned From Outcomes-Based Agreements 

Managed Healthcare Executive - Oct. 19, 2017

Survey: How payers use nonpayer generated data to make formulary decisions 

Managed Healthcare Executive - Oct. 19, 2017

Monetary benefits from value-based diabetes plans take time 

Biotechnology News - Oct. 19, 2017

AMCP's "America's Pipeline Conundrum: Paying for Cures" Panel Examines Gene Therapy Reimbursement Challenges 

Managed Healthcare Executive - Oct. 19, 2017

Meeting the ‘status quo’ with CMS Star Ratings equals regression 

American Journal of Managed Care - Oct. 19, 2017

Clearing Up Misperceptions Around the ACA's Current Status 

Managed Healthcare Executive - Oct. 19, 2017

Payers need access to pre-approval drug information 

Dallas Business Journal - Oct. 18, 2017

AMCP Foundation 7th Annual Research Symposium Examines Benefits of Value-Based Health Care From Multiple Stakeholder Perspectives 

American Journal of Managed Care - Oct. 18, 2017

Navigating New FDA Guidance on Preapproval Payer 

Managed Healthcare Executive - Oct. 18, 2017

Specialty drug pipeline predictions: Seven key areas to watch 

American Journal of Managed Care - Oct. 18, 2017

Leveraging Behavioral Economics to Drive Success in CDHPs  

Managed Healthcare Executive - Oct. 18, 2017

Highly specific indications dominate cancer drug pipeline 

American Journal of Managed Care - Oct. 17, 2017

Managed Care Pharmacy Perspectives on Recent Legislative, Regulatory Changes 

American Journal of Managed Care - Oct. 17, 2017

Looking Ahead at the Specialty Drug Pipeline After an Active Year of Approvals 

P&T Journal - October 2017

Off -Label Drug Bills Back on Track 

MD Magazine - Sept. 21, 2017

Ocrevus Wins in Cost-effectiveness Study, But Price Questions Remain 

 Pharmacy Times - Aug. 25, 2017

What It Is Like to Work as a Managed-Care Pharmacist 

 Drug Topics - Aug. 15, 2017

Biosimilars Come to Community Pharmacy 

Drug Topics - Aug. 15, 2017

Generics Savings Continue, but Work Remains 

BioPharma Dive - Aug. 14, 2017

The secret recipe behind the launch price of a drug 

Managed Health Care Connect - Aug. 14, 2017

Cutting Out-of-Pocket Costs Improves Diabetes Self Management 

Pharmacy Practice News - Aug. 11, 2017

Managed Care Pushes for Safer Opioid Oversight  

P&T Journal - August 2017

FDA Guidance on Biosimilar Interchangeability Elicits Diverse Views 

Drug Benefit News - July 28, 2017

Amid Repeal Debate, Congress Considers Drug Pricing, Access Bills 

 BNA - July 12, 2017

Off-Label Rx Promotion Bills Would Affect Safety: House Democrats 

 P&T Journal - July 2017

 Significant Change Coming in 2018 in Tiering Exceptions Policy for Part D 

Managed Care Magazine - June 2017

Orphan Drug Debate: A Cheat Sheet  

First Report Managed Care - June 2017

Connecting Payers With the Formulary Information They Need 

 P&T Journal - June 2017

Meeting Highlights: Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy  

Pharmaceutical Processing - June 26, 2017

Pharmacy Group Members Seek to Expand Value-Based Contracting 

American Journal of Managed Care - May 31, 2017

Susan A. Cantrell Explains the Necessity of Pre-and-Post-Approval Communications 

Specialty Pharmacy Times - May 30, 2017

New Student Guide to Preparing for a Career in Specialty Pharmacy 

 Health Business Daily - May 15, 2017

Studies Show Diabetes Members’ Overall Costs, Benefits of Statins 

Morning  Consult - May 10, 2017

When the Drug Industry Puts Patients First 

Biosimilar Development - May 2, 2017

The BBCIC: Ushering In The Age Of Biosimilar Post-Marketing Surveillance 

Pharmacy Times - May 1, 2017

Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy Releases Multi-Stakeholder Findings to Drive Value and Outcomes in Oncology 

Managed Care Magazine - April 2017

 Are Insurers’ Prior Authorization Rules Killing Opioid Addicts?   

The Daily Targum - April 20, 2017

Pharmacy school releases opioid toolkit to counter rising addiction rates 

Drug Topics - April 19, 2017

Many Health-Care Groups Laud Generics Bill 

Medical Marketing & Media - April 12, 2017

Genentech urges broader adoption of value-based payment models 

RAPS - April 10, 2017

‘FAST’ Generics Act Seeks to Thwart Abuse of FDA Safety Programs  

Specialty Pharmacy Times - April 6, 2017

Real-World Data Shows High Hepatitis C Virus Cure Rate for Harvoni 

American Journal of Managed Care - April 6, 2017

The Latest in the Move to Value-Based Reimbursement and Remaining Challenges  

American Journal of Managed Care - April 6, 2017

ACA Repeal and Other Healthcare Issues on the Trump Administration's Agenda 

American Journal of Managed Care - April 6, 2017

5 Takeaways From the AMCP Annual Meeting 

American Journal of Managed Care - April 6, 2017

Dr Clifford Goodman Outlines Takeaways From a Health Economic Case Study on Repatha 

Pharmaceutical Commerce - April 6, 2017

Amgen biosimilars report assesses current risks 

Network for Excellence in Health Innovation - March 2017

REWARDING RESULTS: Moving Forward on Value-Based Contracting for Biopharmaceuticals 

Drug Topics - March 31, 2017

The Health Economics of Medical Pot and the Pharmacist’s Role 

Drug Topics - March 30, 2017

What to do About Rising Health-Care Costs? Taking a clear-eyed look at the cost of health care can reduce waste. 

ABC News - March 30, 2017

Managed Care Pharmacy Leaders Are Honored at Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy/AMCP Foundation Awards Dinner 

Drug Topics - March 30, 2017

What’s in the Specialty Pharmacy Pipeline? 

PR Newswire - March 28, 2017

Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy Opens AMCP Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy Annual Meeting 

ASHP Pharmacy News - March 27, 2017

Companies Get Guidance on Communicating Healthcare Economic Information 

Pink Sheet - March 8, 2017

Off-Label Wish List: Industry Groups Want US FDA's Guidances To Do More 

First Report Managed Care - Feb. 15, 2017

FDA Releases Draft Guidance on Sharing HCEI Between Pharma, Payers 

WLRN Miami and South Florida – Feb. 15, 2017

Another Big Health Insurer Loosens Rules For Covering Addiction Treatment  

Associations Now - Feb. 10, 2017


Pharmacy Practice News - Feb. 7, 2017

Dose Rounding Monoclonals Yields Windfall  

Drug Benefit News - Feb. 2, 2017

Drug Benefits May See Changes As Part of ACA Repeal Process 

Health Affairs - Feb. 2, 2017

Cures Act, FDA Draft Guidance Suggest Flexibility On Communication Of Real-World Drug Impacts, Though Questions Remain 

InsideHealthPolicy - Jan. 20, 2017

Long-Awaited FDA Guides Allow Some Off-Label Dissemination To Payers 

Pharmacy Times - Jan. 18, 2017

AMCP Praises FDA's Guidance on Communications Between Biopharmaceutical Companies and Population Health Decision Makers 

Managed Health Care Connect - Jan. 18, 2017

FDA Releases Draft Guidance on Communication Between Pharma, Payers  

 Pink Sheet - Jan. 18, 2017

 'Safe Harbor' For Preapproval Information Exchange To Get Legislative Push  

National Pharmaceutical Council E.V.I.dently Today blog - Jan. 18, 2017

 FDA Releases Guidance Documents on Communicating Clinical and Economic Information  

Bloomberg-BNA - Jan. 13, 2017

FDA Sticks to Its Naming Plan for Biologics and Biosimilars 

Specialty Pharmacy Times - Jan. 13, 2017

FDA Releases Final Biosimilar Naming Guidance  

 P&T Journal - January 2017

Challenges and Solutions in Reducing Opioid Misuse and Abuse (AMCP Foundation)

 FDA Reg Watch - Jan. 12, 2017

AMCP Releases Consensus Recommendations Proposing the Creation of a Safe Harbor for Preapproval Information Exchange (PIE) 

Addiction Now - Jan. 10, 2017

Economic burden of opioid abusers accumulates months before formal diagnosis, study finds  

InsideHealthPolicy - Jan. 5, 2017

AMCP Shopping Plan To Let Formularies Get Pre-Approval Drug Info  

P&T Journal - January 2017

2017 Presages Dramatic Change For Federal Health Care Policies: Republicans Are Likely to Face Hiccups Along the Way 

Chain Drug Review - Jan. 2, 2017

Pharmacy Outlook 2017, Susan Cantrell, AMCP CEO 

Managed Care Magazine - Jan. 1, 2017

Changing the Standard of Care: Treating the Controlled Substance Crisis 


Healthcare IT News - Dec. 19, 2016

PwC's top 10 healthcare industry issues for 2017 

Associations Now - Dec. 2, 2016

Rules of Engagement: Connect Calls  

American Journal of Managed Care - Nov. 30, 2016

21st Century Cures Act Approved by House of Representatives 

Managed Healthcare Executive - Nov. 29, 2016 

 Integrating pharmacy benefit, medical benefit cuts costs 

Health - Nov. 22, 2016

AMCP’s Recommendations on Driving Value and Outcomes in Oncology 

Lexology - Nov. 17, 2016

FDA Got An Earful: FDA’s Part 15 Public Hearing on Manufacturer Communications Regarding Unapproved Uses of Approved or Cleared Medical Products 

Drug Topics - Nov. 14, 2016

New Study Evaluates the Quality of Medical Apps 

Managed Healthcare Executive - Nov. 12, 2016

How state-mandated formularies impact costs  

Medical Marketing & Media - Nov. 10, 2016

5 questions raised at the FDA's off-label hearing 

Drug Benefit News - Nov. 9, 2016

Claims, Costs for Long Acting Opioids Are Rising; Bills Could Give Huge Cost Boost 

Lexology - Nov. 7, 2016

Let’s Get Real: Meredith Manning Urges FDA to Allow Greater Communication of Real World Data Within Its Current Regulatory Framework 

Managed Care Magazine - Nov. 6, 2016

PBMs Pumping Brakes on Autoimmune Drug Expenditures 

HealthIT Analytics - Nov. 1, 2016

SNOMED CT Code Framework Will Aid EHR Reporting, Interoperability 

Forbes - Oct. 27, 2016

Ways To More Affordable Medicines: Elevating Value 

REDBOOK magazine - Oct. 19, 2016

7 Need-to-Know Health Tips Straight From Pharmacists 

American Journal of Managed Care - Oct. 10, 2016

Biosimilars and Interchangeability: Evolving Understanding and Regulations 

American Journal of Managed Care - Oct. 5, 2016

Nudging People Into Healthy Behaviors 

Managed Healthcare Executive - Oct. 5, 2016

Five specialty pharmaceutical trends to watch  

Managed Healthcare Executive - Oct. 5, 2016

Health execs must brace for autoimmune drug changes  

Pharmacy Times - Oct. 13, 2016

JMCP Research Focus: Comprehensive Hepatitis C Virus Medication Management Program Generates 10:1 ROI in State Medicaid Program 

Tampa Bay Times - Oct. 10, 2016

Young USF pharmacy college gets its biggest gift yet 

Managed Care Magazine - September 2016

AMCP Seeks an End to 20 Years of Confusion Over FDAMA Section 114 

Association Now - Sept. 14, 2016


P&T Journal - September 2016

Value Purchasing Programs Make Plodding Progress 

Drug Benefit News - Aug. 26, 2016

Express Scripts Takes Fire for Decision To Keep P&T Committee Members Secret 

Specialty Pharmacy Times - Aug. 24, 2016

Debate Continues Around Biosimilar Naming Conventions 

Pharmacy Today - Aug. 23, 2016

Biosimilar naming conventions 

Pharmacy Today - Aug. 23, 2016

MTM framework using SNOMED CT codes available for public comment 

Specialty Pharmacy Times - Aug. 19, 2016

Pharmacist Perceptions May Impact Future Use of Biosimilars 

STAT/Pharmalot - Aug. 15, 2016

Biosimilar names may affect pharmacist dispensing habits 

Pharmacy Practice News - Aug. 15, 2016

Biosimilars: A New Resource For Your e-Library 

P&T Journal - August 2016

Congress and Federal Agencies Address Opioid Abuse Epidemic 

Bloomberg BNA - Aug. 4, 2016

How to Label Biosimilars: Groups Disagree 

The Morning Consult - Aug. 1, 2016

Health Care Payment Is Shifting to Reward Value, but Can Information on Health Care’s Value Be Shared? 

The Middletown Press - July 11, 2016

Connecticut hospitals facing acute drug shortages must do workarounds 

The Rheumatologist - July 5, 2016

Biosimilars: Unanswered Questions 

P&T Journal - July 2016

CMS to Test Enhanced Medication Therapy Management Model 

Biosimilars Review & Report - June 30, 2016

New Resource on Biosimilars From AMCP 

Cancer Therapy Advisor - June 29, 2016

Online Resource Center on Biosimilars Launched 

Drug Store News - June 29, 2016

AMCP launches biosimilars resource center online 

Life Science Daily - June 27, 2016

CREATES Act will make affordable drugs more accessible for Americans 

Pharmacy Times - June 24, 2016

AMCP Releases Consensus Recommendations to Improve Sharing of HCEI Used in Pharmaceutical Coverage Decisions 

Pharmacy Practice News - June 21, 2016

Are Value Models in Cancer Missing the Mark? 

Managed Care Magazine - June 2016

Changing the Standard of Care: Treating the Controlled Substance Crisis 

P&T Community - June 2016

Early Biosimilars Face Hurdles to Acceptance 

Bloomberg BNA - June 6, 2016

Brand, Generic Groups Differ on Biosimilar Labeling 

Modern Healthcare - June 4, 2016

Justices could hear pharmacists' case on refusing to fill Rx over religious beliefs 

Politico - May 31, 2016

A New Wrinkle for Cures: USP Exemption for Biologic Drugs Draws Criticism 

Morning Consult - May 27, 2016

Groups Urge Inclusion of Patient Review Programs in Opioids Bill 

Pharmacy Times - May 23, 2016

Do You Know How to Speed Network? 

The Clinton Chronicle - May 13, 2016

AMCP CEO Susan A. Cantrell delivers remarks at Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy’s hooding and diploma ceremony 

Lexology - May 9, 2016

Coordinating your reimbursement and regulatory strategies for a successful product launch 

CQ Roll Call - May 4, 2016

Big Pharma Fills Candidate Coffers in Biosimilar Fight (subscription required)

American Journal of Managed Care - April 22, 2016

5 Takeaways From AMCP's Annual Meeting 

Health Technology Net - April 22, 2016

Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy Foundation Appoints Annesha White to Board of Trustees 

Managed Healthcare Executive - April 22, 2016

Five policy options to remedy value-based pricing 

Managed Healthcare Executive - April 22, 2016

Pharmacists critical to success in 5 value-based models  

American Journal of Managed Care - April 21, 2016 

Improving Treatment of Opioid Addiction and Preventing Abuse 

Managed Healthcare Executive - April 20, 2016

Technology and specialty pharmacy: 3 positive results 

American Journal of Managed Care - April 20, 2016

What Is Coming in Specialty Pharmacy? A Look at the Near-Term Drug Pipeline 

Pharmacy Choice - April 20, 2016

AMCP and AMCP Foundation Honors Distinguished Colleagues at Annual Awards Dinner 

Pharmacy Choice - April 20, 2016

Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy Holds AMCP Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy Annual Meeting in San Francisco 

Managed Healthcare Executive - April 18, 2016

AMCP Annual Meeting highlights specialty pharmaceutical challenges 

Pharmaceutical Executive - April 12, 2016

Pressure Builds to Revamp Off-Label Marketing Rules 

Generics and Biosimilars Initiative - April 4, 2016

US rheumatologists in favour of distinct names for biosimilars 

Seeking Alpha - March 30, 2016

AMCP Partnership Forum on Cholesterol Management Urges Use of Proven Therapies and D Management Strategies for PCSK9 Inhibitors 

The Bradford Era - March 16, 2016

Seniors forgotten victims in opioid epidemic 

POLITICO - March 7, 2016

AMCP to FDA: Let Drugmakers Share More Info 

Pharmacy Times - March 7, 2016

AMCP Urges Senate Passage of Opioid Addiction Fighting Bill Containing Medicare Abuse and Diversion Provision 

Managed Healthcare Executive - March 6, 2016

CMS unveils enhanced MTM program 

First Report Managed Care - March 2016

AMCP Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy Annual Meeting Preview 

First Report Managed Care - March 4, 2016

Pharma, MCOs, HCPs Unite to Recommend Expanding FDAMA Inclusion 

The Pink Sheet - Feb. 29, 2016

Sentinel For Biosimilars? Biologics Post-Market Monitoring Is Focus Of New Consortium (subscription required)

Applied Clinical Trials - Feb. 17, 2016

FDA Sentinel Initiative Expands to Support Clinical Research 

Pharmacy Times - Feb. 17, 2016

Collaborative Practice Agreements Open Opportunities, Liabilities for Pharmacists 

Market Watch - Feb. 12, 2016

February's Journal of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy Focuses on Rising Health Care Costs 

Modern Healthcare - Feb. 9, 2016

Pharmacist groups ask Supreme Court to take religious objections case 

Drug Benefit News - Jan. 22, 2016

Draft Opioid Prescribing Guidelines Don’t Pass Managed Care Muster 

Pharmacy Times - Jan. 20, 2016

AMCP Says CDC's Draft Opioid Prescribing Guidelines Lack Holistic, Multi-Stakeholder Approach 

Pharmacy Times - Jan. 11, 2016

January Issue of AMCP's Journal of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy Focuses on MTM Research 

Washington Business Journal - Jan. 8, 2016

People on the Move: Announcement of Susan Cantrell as AMCP CEO 

BNA's Health Insurance Report: Outlook 2016 - Jan. 6, 2016

(Reproduced with permission from BNA's Health Insurance Report, Jan. 6, 2016. Copyright 2016 by The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. [800-372-1033] Read story here.

American Journal of Managed Care - Jan. 1, 2016

5 Things to Know About Biosimilars in the New Year 


Pharmacy Times - Dec. 23, 2015

AMCP Foundation Releases Summary Report of AMCP Foundation's Fifth Annual Symposium 

Reuters - Dec. 18, 2015

AMCP Names Susan A. Cantrell, RPh, CAE as CEO 

Pharmacy Times - Dec. 10, 2015

AMCP Foundation, American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Release "Ahead of the Curve" Education Module 

USAE - Nov. 24, 2015

Publication covering associations runs story on Paula Eichenbrenner's appointment to Exec. Dir. of AMCP Foundation 

Infectious Disease - November 2015 

Managing the HCV Drug Spend: Lessons Learned 

Drug Benefit News - Nov. 20, 2015

Uptake of Outcomes-Based Deals Is Hindered by Multiple Factors 

Health Business Daily - Nov. 19, 2015

Inaccurate Views of Specialty Pharmacies Tarnish Industry 

BioPharma Dive - Nov. 13, 2015

AMCP cited in story on packaging errors on birth control product 

Inside Health Policy - Nov. 12, 2015

AMCP prominently mentioned in 'Pharmacies, PBMs, Insurers Pan FDA's Biosimilar Naming Proposal' 

WSNEWS - Nov. 3, 2015

Financial newswire service story cite's AMCP Nexus 2015 conference 

Bloomberg/BNA - Nov. 2, 2015

Article includes AMCP's comments on FDA draft guidance on biosimilar naming 

Specialty Pharmacy Continuum - Oct. 28, 2015

AMCP Launches Biosimilar Programs for Data Collection, Better Policy Compliance Read 

Managed Healthcare Executive - Oct. 27, 2015

Four legislative issues managed care pharmacists should watch 

Managed Healthcare Executive - Oct. 27, 2015

Pharmacist as provider status gains traction 

Toronto Globe and Mail - Oct. 23, 2015

AMCP quoted in article, "Valeant risks clash with insurers amid scrutiny" 

Health Business Daily - Oct. 23, 2015

Stakeholders Weigh In on Growing Battle Over Drug ‘Price Gouging’ 

Inside Health Policy - Oct. 1, 2015

AMCP featured in article, "Managed Care Pharmacies Step Up Lobby For Medicare Lock-In Program" 

Pharmacy Times - Sept. 30, 2015

Online news site publishes notice of AMCP's Legislative Days priorities 

International Business Times - Sept. 18, 2015 

News site publishes notice of AMCP's Partnership Forum on dyslipidemia 

Washington Business Journal - Sept. 17, 2015

News site publishes notice of AMCP's Executive Forum on managing chronic diseases in the workplace 

GaBi Online - Sept. 11, 2015

AMCP’s comments are included in Generics and Biosimilars Initiative (GaBI) Online article on FDA’s recent biosimilars naming guidance 

The Street - August 31, 2015

Online news site publishes announcement of Laura Happe's appointment to editor-in-chief of JMCP 

Pharmacy Times - August 31, 2015

AMCP's statement is included in story "FDA Wants Biosimilars to Have Suffixes" 

American Health & Drug Benefits - July/August 2015

AHDB journal publishes editorial on AMCP Foundation's "Ahead of the Curve" report 

Bloomberg/Businessweek - August 27, 2015

Bloomberg/Businessweek publishes AMCP statement on FDA's biosimilar naming guidance 

White House Office of National AIDS Policy Blog - August 6, 2015

AMCP was featured in an Aug. 6 blog entry from The White House Office of National AIDS Policy 

P&T Community - August 5, 2015

AMCP expert quoted in story, "Medicaid Plan Skirts Key Drug-Access Issues" 

Pharmacy Times - July 24, 2015

AMCP comments on development inin National All Schedules Prescription Electronic Reporting Reauthorization Act 

GenomeWeb - July 23, 2015

AMCP and JMCP mentioned in story, Researchers Develop Decision Matrix to Guide Payors on Clinical, Economic Value of Companion Tests" 

Pharmacy Times - July 10, 2015

AMCP quoted in story on House passage of 21st Century Cures Act 

Boston Globe - July 1, 2015

Newspaper publishes press release on AMCP CEO Edith A. Rosato's announced retirement 

Specialty Pharmacy Times - June 27, 2015

Article includes AMCP's comments on U.S. Supreme Court ruling upholding language in Affordable Care Act 

Medical Device Daily - June 26, 2015

Article includes AMCP's comments on U.S. Supreme Court ruling upholding language in Affordable Care Act 

Pharmacy Times - June 26, 2015

AMCP is included in wrap-up of pharmacy associations' reaction to U.S. Supreme Court ruling upholding contested language in the Affordable Care Act 

BloombergBusiness - June 25, 2015

Business news website publishes AMCP's position on U.S. Supreme Court ruling upholding contested language in ACA 

The American Journal of Managed Care - June 25, 2015

AJMC includes AMCP’s comments on U.S. Supreme Court ruling upholding contested language in ACA 

Healthcare DIVE - June 15, 2015

Online health care news site quotes AMCP in article, “How providers and payers can bridge the disease management gap to cut costs” 

Pharmacy Times - June 11, 2015

Pharmacy Times runs news item on AMCP convening experts for Biosimilars Partnership Forum 

Pharmacy Times - May 26, 2015

Pharmacy Times publishes AMCP's statement on House committee passage of 21st Century Cures Act 

POLITICO - May 18, 2015

POLITICO article includes AMCP's position on 21st Century Cures Act's "lock-in" provision 

CBS WCIA Channel 3 News - May 11, 2015

CBS affiliate WCIA in Illinois reported on AMCP's opposition to a state bill that would help residents avoid step therapy programs.

The New York Times - May 11, 2015

The New York Times on May 11 published a letter from AMCP CEO Edith A. Rosato objecting to a NYTimes editorial proposing government price negotiations for pharmaceuticals 

Managed Healthcare Executivea - May 2015

Managed Healthcare Executive coverage of AMCP's 27th Annual Meeting & Expo. View publication here.

RedOrbit - April 23, 2015

NCPDP Announces Opening Keynote Panel on "Politics, Policy and People" at its 2015 Annual Conference 

Pharmacy Times - April 1, 2015

New Hepatitis C Regimens Have Adherence Issues 

GaBI Online - March 20, 2015

Survey among pharmacists shows high confidence for biosimilar substitution when same generic name is used 

Managed Healthcare Executive - March 12, 2015

Closed formularies hold the line on costs: One of a number of strategies in use 

Specialty Pharmacy News - March 2015

What Should Payers Be Doing Now to Prepare for Biosimilars? 

International Business Times - March 11, 2015

Generic Biologics? After FDA Approves First Biosimilar Drug, Education, Clearer Policies Needed, Experts Say 

Inside Health Policy - March 3, 2015

AMCP To FDA: Tread Carefully On Biosimilar Naming As Policy Will Drive Pharmacists' Decisions 

The Washington Post - Jan. 23, 2015

The Washington Post on Jan. 23 published a letter from Academy CEO Edith A. Rosato commenting on a recent article touting the coming arrival of biosimilars 

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