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AMCP is dedicated to bringing AMCP members information on the hottest topics and being a leader in formulating the policies and procedures that are important to managed care pharmacy and health care today. Many of the webinars are for AMCP Members Only so you will be asked to login when you go to view the webinar.   If you are interested in sponsoring a webinar or hosting a Science & Innovation Theater (SIT) Webinar, click here. 



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AMCP Webinar Recordings

These are AMCP lead webinars, including content, presented as a member resource and/or informational benefit or insight gathering to determine member consensus on hot topic issues. Webinar recordings are free to AMCP members.

Webinar Topic Categories:

Alternative Payment Models

Emerging Physician Payment Models: What Does it Mean for AMCP Members and Medication Management?
Recording from April 19, 2017 

The Role of Pharmacy in Alternative Payment Models
Recording from July 15, 2015 

Innovative Approaches to Improve Transitions of Care: An update from the Hawaii Pharm2Pharm Initiative
Recording from September 17, 2014 

Role of Pharmacy Management in ACOs: An Environmental Assessment
Recording from August 6, 2014 

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AMCP Format, eDossier System and Dossier Review

Comparing Payer and Hospital Decision Maker Pre-Approval Product Review Trends
Recording from August 2, 2017 

Evaluating Payer Opinion versus Behavior for Better Decision Making
Recording from May 31, 2017 

How do Payers utilize the AMCP eDossier System for pre-approval information and could it qualify as a safe harbor?
Recording from January 18, 2017 

Jump Start Your Pipeline Product Evaluations with New P&T Evidence on eDossier System
Recording from September 7, 2016 

Pipeline Products: Using the AMCP eDossier System’s New Features to Close the Information Gap Between Decision Makers and Manufacturers
Recording from June 29, 2016 

AMCP Format for Formulary Submissions, Version 4.0: A Guided Tour of Key Changes and Enhancements
Recording from May 4, 2016 

Accessing pre-approval product information - Making the most of your pipeline review
Recording from February 17, 2016 

Formulary Decision Focus: Assessing a Product's Value and the Role of the Manufacturer's Dossier
Recording from June 10, 2015 

Insights into the technology of connecting payers and pharma - a review of the eDossier System V 2.0
Recording from March 25, 2015 

Tools for product evaluations - needs for today and plans for tomorrow
Recording from November 19, 2014 

Additional evidence, tools and insights to support evidence-based product reviews: 2014 updates of the new AMCP eDossier System v2.0
Recording from June 10, 2014 

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Education for Health Care Providers: The Next Frontier for Biosimilars
Recording from August 24, 2016 

Post-market Examination of Biosimilars & Novel Biologics: The BBCIC 2016 Surveillance Plan
Recording from March 23, 2016 

Biosimilars in the United States: Ready, Set, Launch
Recording from April 29, 2015 

Revisiting Competition Issues in the Follow-on Biologics Arena: State Substitution and Naming Conventions
Recording from July 16, 2014 

Biosimilars Naming: How Managed Care Data Consortiums Will Track Biosimilars
Recording from May 7, 2014 

Biosimilars Surveillance: Applying the Science of Proven Data Consortium Models
Recording from March 10, 2014 

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Career Development

Midyear Survival Guide: AMCP Edition
Recording from November 16, 2017 

What is Managed Care Pharmacy?
Recording from September 28, 2017 

Postgraduate Opportunities in Managed Care Pharmacy
Recording from April 6, 2016 

Acing the Interview & Getting the Job of Your Dreams
Recording from November 17, 2015 

Managed Care Pharmacy Career Paths for Student Pharmacists
Recording from February 18, 2015 

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CER, Value Frameworks, and New Ways to Look at Formulary Decision-making

Value-Based Health Care for Patients, Providers & Payers – Summary from AMCP Foundation Research Symposium
Recording from November 30, 2017 

Advancing Value-Based Contracting - Proceedings from the AMCP Partnership Forum
Recording from October 11, 2017 

The Current Evaluation of Diagnostic Testing in Pharmacies and Physician Offices and Companion Diagnostics
Recording from January 27, 2016 

Developing and Using Value Frameworks
Recording from December 16, 2015 

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis: Balancing Value with Affordability?
Recording from October 6, 2015 

Expanding Your Horizons: CER Continuing Education Certificate Program
Recording from July 30, 2014 

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Disease State

Driving Value and Outcomes in Oncology - Proceedings from the 2016 AMCP Partnership Forum
Recording from March 22, 2017 

Navigating Innovations in Diabetes Care - Proceedings from the AMCP Partnership Forum
Recording from December 8, 2016 

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Federal & State Legislative and Regulatory Update

AMCP Policy and Advocacy Focus Areas for 2018
Recording from January 30, 2018 

The CMS Medicare Part D Proposed Rule: Understanding the Implications to Managed Care Pharmacy
Recording from December 6, 2017 

Where Does the ACA Stand Heading into 2018 and Beyond?
Recording from December 5, 2017 

Implications for Managed Care Pharmacy from the FDA Reauthorization Act of 2017 (FDARA)
Recording from August 15, 2017 

Emerging Physician Payment Models: What Does it Mean for AMCP Members and Medication Management?
Recording from April 19, 2017 

Implications for Managed Care Pharmacy from the 2018 Medicare Part D Call Letter and Star Ratings Release
Recording from February 24, 2017 

Enabling the Exchange of Clinical and Economic Data Pre-FDA Approval - Proceedings from the AMCP Partnership Forum
Recording from December 15, 2016 

FDAMA 114: Improving the Exchange of Pharmacoeconomic Data - Proceedings from the AMCP Partnership Forum
Recording from July 20, 2016 

Implications for Managed Care Pharmacy from CMS Proposed Changes to Medicare Part B Drug Payment Models
Recording from April 27, 2016 

Implications for Managed Care Pharmacy from the 2017 Medicare Part D Call Letter and Star Ratings Release
Recording from March 3, 2016 

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Foundation Trends Report Webinars

The Pace of Change is Accelerating: Staying on Top of Emerging Trends - The Widespread Use of Data and Analytics in Patient Care
Recording from November 4, 2015 

The Pace of Change is Accelerating: Staying on Top of Emerging Trends - Migrating to New Provider Payment Methods
Recording from September 2, 2015 

The Pace of Change is Accelerating: Staying on Top of Emerging Trends - Specialty Pharmaceuticals
Recording from August 12, 2015 

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From the Pipeline: Emerging Treatments

Pipeline Highlights 2016: Focus on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Recording from February 24, 2016 

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Management of Opioids and Reducing Misuse and Abuse

Integrating Evidence-Based Guidelines for the Use of MAT into Managed Care Policies and Procedures
Recording from November 30, 2016 

AMCP Addiction Treatment Advisory Group Recommendations to Improve Patient Access and Management of Substance Use Disorders
Recording from November 2, 2016 

Preventing and Treating Opioid Overdose: A Managed Care Perspective
Recording from June 22, 2016 

Confronting and Reducing Opioid Addiction
Recording from February 3, 2016 

Responding to the Opioid Addiction Epidemic
Recording from July 29, 2015 

Breaking the Link Between Pain Management and Substance Abuse
Recording from November 5, 2014 

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Sharing Medication Management Communications Electronically Using SNOMED Codes
Recording from May 11, 2016 

MTM - One Decade Down... What Will the Next Decade Bring?
Recording from November 12, 2015 

Are you leveraging your MTM program to fit your MCO’s ACO strategy?
Recording from December 10, 2014 

Closing MTM Research Gaps: Understanding the research and sharing your thoughts on MTM research policies
Recording from April 24, 2014 

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Prior Authorization

AMCP Electronic Prior Authorization Market Analysis
Recording from December 9, 2015 

A New Frontier in Patient Engagement
Recording from May 20, 2015 

Overview of Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA) and Overcoming Barriers to Implementation
Recording from June 18, 2014 

How managed care can ready their PA criteria to support the rapid implementation of electronic PA as part of E-Prescribing
Recording from May 21, 2014 

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Quality Measurement

The Current State of the Performance Measurement Landscape and the Impact on Managed Care
Recording from October 5, 2017 

The Science of Quality Measurement Evaluation and Improving Health Care Performance
Recording from August 10, 2016 

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