AMCP Foundation 7th Annual Research Symposium

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 AMCP Foundation Research Symposium:  

Value-Based Health Care: Identifying Benefits for Patients, Providers & Payers 
Monday, October 16 
Symposium: 11:30 am – 5:00 pm (Lunch Provided) 
Reception: 5:00-6:00 pm 
$245 AMCP Member/Non-Member 
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The patient’s evolving role in health care, and how the value of care can be maximized for patients, will be the focus for the 7th annual research symposium. Panels will address substantive conceptual questions about value-based care and address key elements from stakeholder perspectives, as well as technology’s potential for monitoring and improving health outcomes. The symposium is a must-attend for those interacting with health plans, employers, patient groups, policy makers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, media and other key audiences. Lunch will be provided and a networking reception will follow. 

 The value debate has taken root and growing in many aspects of health care, with an overwhelming focus on health care cost. With over18% of our national gross domestic product tied to health care spending, forces are driving the health care system toward a payment system that rewards value instead of volume.


Because value can mean different things to different stakeholders, the AMCP Foundation 7th annual research symposium will focus on Value Based Health Care: Identifying Benefits for Patients, Providers and Payers. 


The patient perspective is a growing critical concern, and symposium presenters from health plans, payer organizations and patient groups will focus on what patients value in their health care. 


The program will also include an oral presentation by the author with the most highly rated submission in the Value-Based Health Care abstract category, jointly organized by the AMCP Foundation and JMCP. Erin Ferries will receive an AMCP Foundation Best Poster Award and discuss “Medication Therapy Management Services and the Impact to Healthcare Utilization.” Dr. Ferries’ findings will also be featured in the JMCP podium session “Will You Use My Data? Dialogue between Award-Winning Researchers & Formulary Decision-Makers.” 


Speakers include: 

Alan Balch, PhD, MS – Keynote  
Chief Executive Officer 
Patient Advocate Foundation 

Susan A. Cantrell, RPh, CAE 
Chief Executive Officer 
Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy 


Van Crocker, Jr 
Healthagen Outcomes 


Robert W. Dubois, MD, PhD 
Chief Science Officer & Executive Vice President 
National Pharmaceutical Council 


Erin Ferries, PhD, MPH 
Research Scientist 
Humana HEOR 


Sara van Geertruyden J.D. 
Executive Director 
Partnership to Improve Patient Care 


Paul Hain, MD 
Regional President 
Blue Cross, Blue Shield of Texas 


Jeff Micklos, JD 
Executive Director 
Healthcare Transformation Task Force 


Elizabeth Powers 
Senior Principal 


Clifford Goodman, PhD, MS 
Senior Vice President and Director, Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research 
The Lewin Group 

Cliff has 30 years of experience working with government, industry and nonprofit organizations in such areas as health technology assessment, comparative effectiveness research, health economics, and studies pertaining to health care innovation, regulation, and payment for pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices, and other interventions. He served as Chair of the Medicare Evidence Development and Coverage Advisory Committee (MEDCAC) for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (2009-2012). Dr. Goodman is Past President of Health Technology Assessment International (HTAi), and is a Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering. 


Symposium attendees will have the opportunity to meet with speakers and attendees at a post symposium reception. They also will receive prior to the event a reference list of related reports an research articles. 

The AMCP Foundation would like to thank our sponsors for their generous support of this program: 

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A limited number of Scholarships to the AMCP Foundation Research Symposium are available for: 

  •  Patient advocates or representatives of patient support organizations 
  •  Employees of 501(c)3 organizations  
  •  New practitioners, graduate students, residents, fellows and student pharmacists  
  •  Researchers, clinicians, or other managed care/healthcare professionals who have an established commitment to placing research in practice and expanding health care literacy.  


Scholarship recipients will receive one full registration for the Research Symposium, allowing complimentary access to the Symposium, Luncheon and Reception. This Scholarship does not include AMCP Nexus 2017 registration.  


Scholarship recipients must be willing to: promote their participation prior to the Research Symposium; share their knowledge at the Research Symposium; and share their experience following the Research Symposium. Scholarships are made possible through the support of our funding partners. To request a Scholarship, please email the AMCP Foundation.  


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Symposium sponsorships provide many benefits beyond interaction with managed care pharmacy thought leaders at the symposium in addressing the key elements impacting  the transition to value based healthcare. 


The Foundation seeks five sponsors at $25,000 each, and may include provider organizations, pharmaceutical manufacturers, health plans, payer organizations, foundations and others. Funding partners are recognized in many ways beyond those listed below.  


  • Participation via a representative on the symposium planning steering  committee  
  • Sponsor name and/or logo in all pre-symposium promotion, including Foundation newsletter, Foundation website, attendee newsletter and other applicable outlets, as well as on event  invitation, event slides, event program, event signage and other applicable outlets 
  • Sponsor name, logo and/or link on the AMCP Foundation and Nexus 2016 registration websites, the Nexus mobile app and website, and on all sponsorship signage at Nexus. Additional recognition can be tailored to include display of materials, inserts, etc. 
  • Sponsor recognition in the post-symposium  summary webinar report , JMCP report outsert 
  • Enduring company recognition in post-conference event coverage, including final report, for a minimum of three years on AMCP Foundation website. 


Learn more about sponsorship engagement and benefits. 

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