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A Blog by AMCP CEO Susan Cantrell

A Blog by AMCP CEO Susan Cantrell
Read the newest blog: Pharmacy Profession Comes Together to Help Document and Improve Patient Outcomes Through Medication Therapy Management

AMCP Specialty Pharmacy Central

AMCP Specialty Pharmacy Central
Home to all of AMCP's specialty pharmacy programs, materials and tools.

AMCP Webinar Archives

AMCP Webinar Archives
Listen to AMCP webinars on the issues affecting managed care pharmacy today - at no cost to AMCP members! 

AMCP's Student Pharmacists Center

AMCP's Student Pharmacists Center
Here you'll find tools and resources to help in your transition from pharmacy school to careers in managed care pharmacy.  

ATAG Findings on Improving Treatment of Opioid Addiction
ATAG has released detailed findings on how managed care organizations can better address the opioid addiction crisis, including through improved access to naloxone and MAT.

AMCP Foundation Issues Two Major Reports
Reports are: Symposium Report on Effective Strategies to Balance Access and Use of Opioid Therapies; and Assessment of Future Health Care Trends

Lyons Joins AMCP as Chief Operating Officer
The Academy is pleased to announce the recent appointment of Chris Lyons in the new role of AMCP Chief Operating Officer.

Inaugural Forum on Driving Value and Outcomes in Oncology
Multiple Stakeholders Offer Recommendations to Assist Providers and Payers in Making Evidence-Based Decisions to Improve Cancer Treatment in Rapidly Changing Environment

Documentation of MTM Services Using SNOMED CT Codes
Pharmacy professional organizations and stakeholders released a standardized framework for documenting MTM services using SNOMED CTcodes

Open Positions at AMCP
Would you like to work at AMCP? Check out our open positions!

BBCIC Announces Major Milestone
BBCIC posts research protocols that will lay groundwork for comparative effectiveness and safety studies of biosimilars expected to enter the market next year.

AMCP Foundation’s Symposium Addresses Issues of Opioid Misuse
AMCP Foundation Symposium focused on how stakeholders can work together to ensure patients have appropriate access to opioid pain therapies, while preventing their abuse.

AMCP Forum Looks at Sharing Off-Label Data on Drugs Awaiting FDA Approval
Biopharmaceutical companies and health care decision makers would be able to more easily communicate information on products awaiting FDA approval, under recommendations developed at an AMCP partnership forum

Nominees from AMCP and AMCP Foundation Are Tapped for PCORI Panels
Don Klepser, PhD, MBA, will serve on PCORI’s Advisory Panel on Addressing Disparities. And Mitzi Wazik, PharmD, BCPS, will serve on PCORI’s Advisory Panel on Improving Healthcare Systems.

AMCP Launches Online Biosimilars Resource Center
BRC provides an unbiased, policy-neutral repository of educational resources and information on biosimilars.

Recommendations Aim to Improve Sharing of HCEI Used in Coverage Decisions
Recommendations developed by diverse stakeholders will be presented to FDA as it considers guidance for FDAMA Section 114

The AMCP Format for Formulary Submissions releases Version 4.0
Version 4.0 includes new guidance related to emerging special topic considerations.

AMCP Forum Issues Recommendations on FDAMA Section 114
Diverse Stakeholders Seek Broader Dissemination of Health Economic Information

AMCP Foundation Video
Learn about the AMCP Foundation's rich history and many accomplishments as the organization celebrates its 25th anniversary. Click headline above.

Visit JMCP for Latest Research
Read the latest issue of the Journal of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy